Netflix Vixen: follow me down the rabbit hole

My friends joke that I live in the dark.  And they’re not too far from the truth.  Whether curling up in front of a movie or introverting in my den or digging deep for meaningful analysis, I spend my time and thoughts alone.  Staring at pin pricks of light in the distance.

Streaming services promise satisfaction–but also stir up stress.  When I feel powerful emotions that I need to escape, I turn to Netflix for a solution (say, a 1990’s Brit-Com Chick Flick to cope with boy troubles).  On the flip sides, some films actually instigate the powerful emotions.  And for escape, I turn to critical analysis for satiation (say, a post-colonial deconstructive approach to cope with First World angst).

I live a comfortable life with a devoted husband, two dogs, a pair of parakeets, and huge trees in a big backyard.  Working from home, I set my own schedule, sleep when I need to, and stress out because I’m a people-pleasing perfectionist.

Follow me down the rabbit hole of the good, the bad, and the ugly–both online and by disc.  If I can’t promise you answers to Life, the Universe, and everything (thanks for all the fish), at least you’ll have a friend to tunnel with you through the shit and the silver.